The complete solution for:

LIMS - Quality Control

Weighing & Dispensing

Research & Development

Regulatory Compliance

Quality Suite is the software designed by Datacheck for Quality Control and Production management, intended for industries pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietary supplement industries.

A unique and comprehensive software solution that encompasses numerous features to meet market demands.

  • More efficiency to achieve greater productivity
  • Observance of increasingly stringent regulations

If your company must meet high quality standards, with Quality Suite you will be able to efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively ensure market demands and also respond quickly to regulatory obligations, such as ISO quality standards or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food.

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Why Quality Suite

The indispensable solution in laboratory and production activities

Every modern company needs a software solution to cope with the relentless evolution of production and distribution processes and to meet increasingly stringent regulatory obligations.

Quality Suite is a solution that saves time, supports process execution and avoids errors due to manual data recording.
With extensive industry experience, Datacheck is the ideal partner to automate, standardize and make your processes more efficient while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Quality Suite aids laboratory activities by operating in three key application areas:

LIMS - Quality Control:

Laboratory management with control and support of all internal processes by eliminating duplication, manual steps, and paper records.

Weighing & Dispensing:

Integrated management of material weighing operations and electronic batch record management.

Research & Development:

Project management ofnew product development and formulation.

Regulatory Compliance:

Management of regulatory audits and safety assessments.

The plus of Quality Suite: 3 in 1

A single software that can meet the needs of three different sectors:



Dietary supplements

More and more companies are broadening their horizons, adopting diversification strategies to open up new business opportunities. Quality Suite becomes the answer to this need: A single production control solution for multiple industries, designed to meet relevant regulatory requirements And equipped with documentation for full validation.

Quality Suite has everything you need to help you manage your work efficiently, making the most of your investment.

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Quality Suite?

The features of Quality Suite:


Quality Suite encapsulates numerous functions for quality control, manufacturing and product development activities.


It integrates with state-of-the-art business management (ERP and management), planning and analysis software (DW, BI, etc.) and analytical instrumentation for data collection.


Customizable configuration, for adapt to every industry and the needs of the most complex organizations.


To the most important GxP reference standards of various industries.


An easy-to-use solution to empower staff quickly.


Use it wherever and whenever you want: in your local network, or via the web; it can be installed in your data center, or in the cloud.


Automation of operations to increase productivity and minimize the possibility of error.

Features of Quality Suite:

The many functions of our software make it possible to reach a new frontier in the management of control laboratory activities and quality assurance, as well as the development and validation of new products .

With version 17.00, theuser interface has been completely revamped to make the user experience simpler, more modern and engaging. The basic principles of application operation have not been changed.

Features of Quality Suite:

The many functions of our software make it possible to reach a new frontier in the management of control laboratory activities and quality assurance, as well as the development and validation of new products .

Key functions include:

LIMS - Quality Control

  • Definition of control specifications
  • Control Plans for Suppliers/Manufacturers
  • Acceptance of Raw Materials and Packaging Materials
  • Semi-finished and Finished Product Testing
  • Batch Record Review & Release
  • Environmental microbiological monitoring
  • Stability Control Plans
  • Reagentarium and laboratory warehouse
  • Analysis Tools Control Schedule.
  • Sample and sampling management
  • Statistical processing and support for the execution of the Product Quality Review
  • .
  • NEWS: version 17.00 of Quality Suite®
  • Integration with laboratory instrumentation: export sequences/analysis requests to instrument from worklist
  • Integration with laboratory instrumentation: automatic acquisition of results from external sources (instruments, CDS, etc.).

Dispensing and Production

  • Qualitative and quantitative verification of raw materials
  • Weight acquisition from electronic scales
  • Verification of tolerances and acceptance limits
  • Management of title active ingredients and excipients
  • Reconciliation of materials
  • Verification of cleanliness of departments and proper operation of scales
  • Control and execution of processing method operations (Electronic Batch Record)
  • Automation with bar-code
  • .
  • NEWS: version 17.00 of Quality Suite®
  • Bulk/semi-finished product preparation: execution of preparation method, consumption and pouring
  • Management of assembly operations, to prepare materials for sending to production
  • Definition of campaigns by supervisor and dispatch for fulfillment to dispensing stations

Research & Development and Regulatory:

  • Access and search ingredient catalogs (Cosing) and automatic evaluation of use restrictions (black-listing, limitations)
  • Label generation, claims and warnings.
  • Automatic assessment of exposure levels (SED) and margin of safety (MOS) of cosmetic products
  • Management of activities for new product development (formulation, trial processing, challenge testing)
  • Calculation of nutritional table for food products
  • Generation of Product Information File (PIF)
  • Management of product revisions and formulations
  • Support of barcode operations
  • Multilingual: ability to enter and print data in other languages
  • .
  • NEWS: version 17.00 of Quality Suite®
  • Automatic verification of the need to reevaluate formulas when there are changes on raw materials or other components
  • Evaluation of the characteristics of raw materials in the formula
  • Automatic assessment of marketability in target markets
  • Characteristic evaluation of Raw Materials based on information of component substances
  • New rules and use restrictions for Raw Materials, target market and substance categories
  • Calculation of product naturalness according to ISO16128 without formulation water
  • Registration Status Raw Materials China CSAR

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Benefits of Quality Suite:

Implementing Quality Suite in your Organization means improving its overall operational efficiency, as it helps control the enormous amount of information that must be managed every day.

In fact, the benefits that Quality Suite brings are considerable:

  • Increasing Quality Standards
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved productivity
  • Elimination of paper documentation
  • Reduced risk of error due to manual transcription
  • Workflow and process optimization
  • Historical analysis of information
  • Greater punctuality of work
  • Reducing time to market for new products
  • Full traceability in the production process and supply chain

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