For the realization of a computer system is critical to its successful implementation, to allow the return of investment on time and realize the efficiencies expected. If not implemented with the support of experienced and qualified staff can be difficult to achieve.


The staff in our customer service has been specially trained and has accumulated considerable experience in project management of installation of our systems in laboratories and production areas of our clients.


A process established and replicable

Over the years we have defined a standard process for the implementation of our products that allows you to carry out effectively the activities planned and optimized. Every business has its peculiarities and therefore the focus of the project is focused on determining the specific needs of the customer and verify their proper implementation, and standardization of the process keeps easy and economical completion of the implementation process.

Our experience is gained in dozens of different contexts and for different type of production (pharmaceuticals, raw materials, cosmetics, services, etc..), To create new systems or replacement / upgrade of existing systems, which for the size structure involved (small, medium and large companies), so the process is flexible so as to adapt to specific requirements, without sacrificing the completeness and goodness of the final result.

Success factor for the project

Our support is important to allow the installation to ensure maximum benefit of our applications without compromise and to make those changes to the corporate and the business models needed to be able to guarantee the success of the entire operation. With our customer support staff is able to seize opportunities in every aspect of improvement and management offered by our systems and to capitalize quickly the investment.
Only with our support can minimize the complexity and risks related to implementing a new system, which is often critical to the production process of our customers.

The installation process can be readily integrated and coordinated with that of system validation, whether it's created by our company or with other forces.

The process

The installation and commissioning takes place through a process defined in four main stages and a fifth after starting the continuous improvement of system:


The relationship with the customer in fact, does not stop with the beginning use of our system, but is essential for us to continue over time to avoid interrupting the cycle of improving the customer. Furthermore this allows us to collect user requirements that allow us to make better products that meet their needs.

The end result is a system tailored to customer requirements, allowing the rapid return on investment, ensuring a significant competitive advantage and peace of operators and managers.